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St. Anthony Catholic School

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St. Anthony kids
St. Anthony School Photo at dusk
Bishp Kopacz


Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras Parade and King Cake!!!!

K4 & K will host a Parade for all students and everyone will enjoy King Cake in their classrooms! The king cake courtesy of Mathew and Aimee Davidson! Parents are invited to attend the parade.

TC's School Uniforms

Online shopping is available at www.tcsums.com/SchoolWebsite using code SA2019.

Excellence in Education

St. Anthony Catholic School, a ministry of St. Francis of Assisi Church, is a parochial school located in Madison, Mississippi.
St. Anthony is dedicated to serving families with children in 3 year old pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. St. Anthony Catholic School strives for excellence in all we do. From the brilliant scholar to the competitive athlete, we believe that every child has unique gifts and recognize the need to educate the whole child.