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Via Creativa Registration 2021-2022

Please complete the form below to enroll in St. Anthony Via Creativa.  If the class you wish to register for is not on the list below, you must register with that vendor online.  See the Via Creativa Class Information List for information and the link to register online.  

There is a $50 NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee per student (due once per year).  The Class Fee is $125 per semester per class per student. THE ONLY COST FOR THE BAND IS THE INSTRUMENT. Band will not be charged a registration fee or 

Once you have registered your child(ren) using this form, we will send you will be billed through FACTS.  No checks or cash will be accepted in the office.

**Class is filled on a first come first serve basis as students register. All classes are capped per teacher preference. Completion of this form does not assure class placement. You will be notified by the teacher and/or Via Directors in a timely manner with confirmation of class placement.  

By registering your child in the Via Creativa program you accept the following terms:

I do not hold St. Anthony Catholic School, St. Francis Parish, or anyone affiliated with the Via Creativa program at St. Anthony Catholic School responsible for injuries sustained during the normal course of the classes.

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