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Protection of Children

Any volunteer who has significant contact with children (ex. room mother, field trips, coaching, etc.) must be screened and attend an initial Protection of Children training session at St. Anthony, or a nearby parish. St. Anthony Protection of Children Site-Administrator is Mary Venable, [email protected]. Please register at https://www.virtusonline.org/. For more information please visit the Diocese of Jackson Website

Athletic Club/Eagle Club Registration Form  
Support our EAGLES and become a member of the Eagle Club, by registering for Eagle Athletics. 


Eagle Club Registration Online Form

Consent form for Administration of Prescription and Non-Prescription Medicines 
No medication can be dispensed to students before a consent form, along with the medication, is provided to the school nurse. Please print this form and sign it in order for your child to receive medication. This form, along with the medication, must be updated with the office each year. A new form must be completed at the beginning of each school year and returned to the school office. 

Parent Consent Form
The parent consent form must be signed in order for the student to attend St. Anthony Catholic School. The signing of the parent consent form states that parents have read, understand and agree to abide by the regulations and policies outlined in the Parent Handbook. Please print, sign and return this form to the St. Anthony office at the beginning of each school year.

Parish Verification Form 
The Catholic parishes in the Jackson Diocese subsidize their own active parish members who wish to attend St. Anthony Catholic School in order to promote Catholic education. This form verifies that the family is a registered and actively participates in the church by sharing their time, talents and treasure with their parish. In order for a family to receive the discounted Catholic rate, your pastor must agree to subsidize your tuition with the completion of this form. Please print this form, turn it into your parish pastor and return it to the St. Anthony office in order for your account to reflect the proper balance due.

Reimbursement Form 
Complete the this form for any approved expenditures and bring to the St. Anthony school office.

Service Hours Form 

At St. Anthony, we begin each morning by reciting the Eagle Pledge.  One line of the pledge states "I will use God's gifts to serve others." Through Gospel Service we ask that students take their love of God and spread it through their community.  A life of service can enrich a student's life in many ways.  


All requirements and guidelines for Gospel Service hours can be found in the St. Anthony handbook under Student Service. 


Some examples of service are:

  • Serving your home parish
  • Serving lunch for the homeless at Stewpot Community Services
  • Caring for animals at Webster Animal Shelter
Technology Help Work Order Form
Please click here to access the Technology Help Work Order Form.

Via Creativa Information & STA Via Creative Registration Form 

To register your student for St. Anthony Via Creativa Visual Arts, please click here.  To register your student for any other Via Creativa please open the PDF below.

Walking Waver
This form must be turned in to the front office if you would like your child to walk between St. Anthony and St. Joe during dismissal.