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Parent Association Members

Parent Association Members

The purpose of the Parent Association is to promote fellowship among the parents, faculty, staff, administration, and students. The Parent Association functions as a support for the administration and faculty of St. Anthony Catholic School. The Association will encourage the involvement of all parents/legal guardians of the students as well as the faculty and staff of the school.

The Parent Association meets two times a year and sponsors various school-related activities throughout the year.
Parent Association Board 2022-2023

Kristin Coco— President
The President oversees all Parent Association activities, as well as serves as a member of the St. Anthony Advisory Council.

Donna McCarthy — President-Elect
The President-Elect works closely with the President to ensure a smooth transition in leadership for the next board. Additionally, the President-Elect assists with school spirit events and the Spring Volunteer Crawfish Boil.


Aimee Davidson — Vice President of Hospitality
Cecile Harris - Vice President of Hospitality Elect
The Vice President of Hospitality coordinates and oversees food assignments for all school receptions and events, including but not limited to Back to School Day, Grandparents Day, Open House, and PA Fall and Spring Socials.

Abbey Schuhmann — Vice President of Volunteer Support
The Vice President of Volunteer Support organizes and supports Room Parent Volunteers, as well as coordinates parish receptions for First Communion and 6th Grade Recognition Mass, and quarterly Teacher Luncheons.

Jennifer Hall — Vice President of Recruitment
The Vice President of Recruitment introduces new families to St. Anthony Catholic School through promotional events such as Open House.  In addition, the VP of Recruitment assists in planning events for Catholic Schools Week and New Family Orientation.

Stacy Shipley— Vice President of Teacher Support
The Vice President of Teacher Support helps the St. Anthony community show appreciation for our teachers by planning holiday parties and meeting snacks for the faculty, and birthday celebrations.

Shana Robertson — Vice President of Ways and Means
The Vice President of Ways and Means works closely with the PA President on all budget revenues and expenditures and provides a budget report at the monthly board meeting.

Cathy Denman— Vice President of Ways and Means-Elect
The Vice President of Ways and Means-Elect works closely with the Vice President of Ways and Means to ensure a smooth fiscal transition between boards.

Ellen Robb — Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of the monthly PA Board Meetings, as well as distributing the minutes to board members for review and approval.

Michelle Beauchamp — Vice President of Communications
The Vice President of Communications assists board members with important correspondence, family service hours, and communications.

Carolyn Erwin & Laura Ring — Past-President
The Past President advises the current Parent Association board.

Amanda Jones — Staff Representative
The Teacher Representative is responsible for communication between the Parent Association Board and the teachers.  In addition, the Teacher Representative assists in coordinating assistance with PA projects.

Anne Cowger, Principal — Executive Member