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Integrating the Arts

St. Anthony Catholic School enhances our core curriculum with arts integration, thus empowering students to apply their knowledge creatively. Combining knowledge with critical thinking skills, students’ self-expression and understanding of curriculum is enhanced. In addition to receiving formal education in visual arts and music, all students experience a variety of arts which are incorporated into daily classroom instruction in all subject areas.

Additional arts enrichment opportunities are offered to students, through our Via Creativa after school program. Via Creativa meets weekly throughout the academic year and offers students the opportunity to explore their interests in Art, Dance, Karate, Bricks for Kids, Soccer, Chess, Music, Sew Fun, and more!

Through arts integration, students gain self-confidence, improve their organizational abilities, enhance leadership and teamwork skills, and gain a deeper understanding of commitment, both to themselves and to their peers.


Empowering Creative Students with Creative Teachers

All faculty members are cross-trained in the discipline of integrating the arts into grade-level curriculum. Staff members specializing in the fine arts are well recognized and awarded in their fields on local, state, and national levels.